corporate Cyberstalking: Addressing The External Threat

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We take a look at cyberstalking and provide quick tips to keep your company safe from external threats.

Cyberstalking uses digital or electronic means, including the internet, to monitor, stalk, or harass an individual, group, or organization. It can also include acts such as false accusations, identity theft, and defamation, which can affect the standing of the company or person in the community. The cyber stalker’s intention is typically to intimidate or in some way control or influence the victim by gathering information. This information can also be used by the perpetrator to threaten, embarrass, harass, or commit identity theft.

Cyberstalking is a criminal offense that is punishable under the anti-stalking laws. Being found guilty of cyberstalking could lead to penalties from a restraining order against the assailant to the assailant serving jail time.

Anti- Cyberstalking Tips:

>> Be sure you always have physical access control over your computer, to prevent the stalker from gaining that control without your knowledge.

>> Always log out of programs before stepping away from your desk.

>> Utilize a screensaver and password.

>> Protect your passwords. Do not share them. Change them often.

>> Keep your security software updated.

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