Marketing in the Metaverse: Impacts on government, business, civil society, & how we live, work, & play

Duration: 90 Minutes | $149 per person | Virtual or Onsite

The Metaverse isn't coming, it's already here and big brands, municipalities, and businesses are using it to expand their reach. This seminar provides a look at what the metaverse is and its impact on marketing, business, and the future of how we, live, work and play.

From the Vicar Group, LLC Cyber Division

About this event What You'll Learn:

- What the metaverse is, how it's accessed, and what it's used for

- Current metaverse use cases by big businesses and major brands

- Metaverse impacts on the future of work and organizational strategies

- Metaverse uses in commercial and residential real estate

- How governments and municipalities are using the metaverse

- Faith-based organizations in the metaverse

- How marketing and advertising in the metaverse differs from marketing in conventional markets

- Dangers and safety in the metaverse

- How the future metaverse will impact business, education, and civil society

$149 per person

Virtual and Onsite Presentations Available


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