stalkerware: what it is & how to assist victims In Your Organization

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Stalkerware apps are designed to be hidden from the victim and victims are often unaware this software has been installed on their device. NCSA has partnered with ESET and the National Network to End Domestic Violence to bring awareness to the dangers of stalkerware, how to detect it, and what to do if you are a target.

Stalkerware, a form of monitoring software, enables a remote user to track activities on another user’s device, such as location data, call logs and messages. It is most often used to monitor a spouse or partner without their permission.

IT'S MORE COMMON THAN YOU MAY THINK According to a study from NPR, 85% of domestic violence shelters surveyed said they're working directly with survivors whose abusers tracked them using GPS. 75% said they're working with survivors whose abusers eavesdropped on their conversation remotely — using hidden mobile apps. In 2020, 53,870 mobile users were survivors of stalkerware (Kaspersky).

Stalkerware apps can track your browsing history so if you suspect that stalkerware has been installed on your device DO NOT USE IT to research support services such as advocacy, shelter, court information or emergency services. Please note that anything you view may be revealed to the person monitoring you, including this tip sheet.

Consider the following steps for safety:

Notify someone you trust by word of mouth that you suspect stalkerware is on your device.

If you are planning to connect with an advocate or support services, it may be best to use a public computer or a device that is not compromised by stalkerware.

Working with a domestic violence advocate can be helpful for survivors who are being stalked.

Advocates can help you form a safety plan, provide you with resources and provide you with resources and support.

If you feel that it is safe, consider contacting local law enforcement if you have concerns about your safety.

Courtesy of NCSA in Partnership with ESET & the National Network to End Domestic Violence