Four Types of Attention: focusing the activities of your organization

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How productive are you and your employees? Today we explore four types of attention and what you need to know to create peak performance teams.

Leaders guide the direction of their companies. The attention of a leader will determine the attention management of an organization. Leaders must focus the attention of their employees in ways to drive business and move the company in the right direction. Modern leaders are faced with the dilemma of attracting and keeping employee attention. Understanding the different types of attention and implementing attention management techniques will allow leaderss to motivate employees towards greater success.

Attention management increases the ability to focus attention and can be done at the individual and organizational level. In order to understand attention management, people must be aware of where they focus most of their attention. Most experts divide attention into four different areas or zones. While the names change, the ideas are all the same.

Four Areas of Attention:

· Intentional: When working intentionally, people plan strategically and prioritize their activities.

· Responsive: In this area people are responding to the world around them. They spend more time putting out fires than working intentionally.

· Interrupted: People spend too much time answering messages and handling situations that interrupt their work.

· Unproductive: This occurs when people waste time at work. Unless you are taking a scheduled break, checking social media and digital chatting is unproductive.

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