Visualization: A method for achieving business goals

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Are you maximizing the power of the human mind to help your team members? Today we explore tips to deploy this free, and powerful resource to help set focus and reach goals.

Focus, Visualize & Execute

Attention management requires people to focus and execute. Failure is often caused by a fear of success. When the mind focuses on potential negative outcomes, it is impossible to execute a plan well. Rather than focusing on the potential failures, people need to concentrate on the benefits of a successful plan. Remaining positive will allow people to focus on their goals and execute their actions accordingly. Visualization Visualization is a habit of creating a mental picture of a goal and believing that it will happen. Successful people in every field use visualization techniques. The process of visualization may seem odd, but visualizing a goal allows the mind to accept it as a concrete possibility rather than a vague wish.


• Choose a goal: Visualization needs to be specific. Pick an individual goal to visualize. It is easier to start small.

• Relax: Find a time and place to relax and focus on visualization techniques.

• Visualize: Picture the goal in detail, visualize it happening in the present. For example, many athletes visualize their performance before a game or competition.

• Accept: Believe that the goal will come true. Affirmations are useful tools to bring acceptance.

Case Study:

There is scientific evidence that visualization improves performance. One study involves basketball free throws at the University of Chicago. The study first measured the free throw ability of players and divided students into three different groups. The first group was told to practice their shots one hour a day. The second group was told to stand in front of the basket and visualize taking their shots. The third group was told to ignore basketball.

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